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PowerCLI one-liner to validate ESXi root passwords.

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Below is a PowerCLI one-liner you can use to validate if all your root passwords are what you expect them to be.

get-vmhost | %{
  $null = connect-viserver $ `
  -user root -password "MyFakePassword" -EA 0

  if (-not ($?)) {
    write-warning "Password failed for $($"
  } else {
    Disconnect-VIServer $ -force -confirm:$false

Reset a known password over PowerCLI

Below is a short code snippet to help you change your root password on ESXi hosts.

$ESXiServers     = 'esx01.domain','esx02.domain'
$CurrentPassword = 'MyFakePassword'
$NewPassword     = 'F@keNrTwo'
$ESXiServers | ForEach-Object {
  try {
    Connect-VIServer $_ -User root -Password $CurrentPassword
    Set-VMHostAccount -UserAccount root -Password $NewPassword
  } catch {
    throw $_
  } finally {
    Disconnect-VIServer -Confirm:$False -ea 0

Reset a forgotten password

If you have Enterprise Plus licenses for your hosts, your can reset the root passwords using host-profiles.

A step-by-step guide is listed below. If you don’t have this license, the easiest approach is to re-deploy ESXi.

  1. Right-click a host with a known to be correct root password. Select ‘Host Profile’, next ‘Create Profile from host’.
  2. Specify a name for the profile. Click Next, Finish.
  3. Click home at the top navbar, next select Host Profiles.
  4. Right-click the newly created profile and select ‘Edit Profile’.
  5. Right-Click the host profile again, and click ‘Enable/Disable Profile Configuration’. Enable.
  6. Deselect all configuration options, except for ‘Security configuration’” then click “OK”’
  7. Now go back to ‘Hosts and Clusters’.
  8. Put your host in maintenance mode, next right-click and select ‘Host Profile’ then ‘Manage Profile’.
  9. Select the profile you’ve just created and click ‘OK’
  10. Finally, right-click the host, select ‘Host Profile’ then ‘Apply Profile’

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