How to kill a service stuck in pending state.

WinRM ‘StopPending’ issues

Recently I logged into a machine and ran ‘Enable-PSRemoting -Force’ to end up with error code ‘2150858770’. WinRM service was in ‘StopPending’ state:

So upon checking I found that the WinRM service was having issues:

Solution, force kill the service.

All-right so what can we actually do to kill this? Behind a service is actually a process with a unique PID. Let’s get the PID of the process and kill the process instead:

Tada, problem resolved!

Bonus: enumerate dotnet type to find possible service status values.

Use ‘Get-EnumValue‘ to enumerate the dotnet object.

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  1. Julien Nury Reply


    Thanks for the tips. WinRm stucked in StopPending may also happen when using Register-PsSessionConfiguration.

    In adition, Workstation service and Cryptographic Services also run in the same process as WinRM, don’t forget to restart them if you kill the WinRM process 😉

  2. Carlos Alvarez Reply


    I had a DC stuck in updates, I could not Stop-Service UsoSvc, your script helped me do what I needed, DC is back up and running.

    thank you for this!

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