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Hashcat performance on AWS EC2 GPU instances

EC2 instance benchmarks for hashcat v5.1.0 on AWS g4 and p3 instances

Javy de Koning

2 minutes read

GPU’s are more suitable than CPU’s because GPU’s are designed to perform work in parallel. Therefore, when there are many identical jobs to perform (like the password hashing function) a GPU scales much better. Hence I was interested in benchmarking Hashcat with the AWS EC2 p3 & g4 instances.

Javy de Koning

1 minute read

VPC Flowlogs log the traffic flow in your AWS VPC. These logs contain information such as source and destination IP addresses and the packets or bytes transferred. CloudWatch Insights let’s you query these logs, this can be helpful when you want to figure out what is driving the traffic cost within your network.

Introduction to Docker and Traefik!

Learn how to define your containers with docker-compose and front them with a reverse proxy!

Javy de Koning

6 minutes read

Recently I decided to redeploy my home-server. It was still running Ubuntu 12.04 and the configuration drifted ever since it was setup. Time for a revamp. I opted to use Docker and Traefik because I wanted a setup that was easy to update and easy to maintain.

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