About Me

Contact info

Hello I’m Javy de Koning, a Cloud Engineer based in Amsterdam. I work at Amazon Web Services. Any content on this page is my own, and is not related to my work at AWS.

Past experience

In the past I’ve focused a lot on automation, specifically Powershell due to my Windows background, TypeScript and a few bit’s of Bash and Python. Articles on this page are reference materials for myself, yet they might help others working on similar technological challenges. As IT is ever evolving at a very high pace, my interests tend to shift to new technologies a recent examples being Docker, Kubernetes and Serverless architectures.

Work I’ve done in the past that I’m proud of: performing pen-tests, discovered bugs in mobile banking apps. I’ve co-authored a paper about DNS amplification attacks, created a dashboard for BGP operators and much more. I’m also an active contributor to various open-source projects like cChoco.