Javy’s got (cloud) technical skills.

These days, Javy mostly writes TypeScript, Python or PowerShell. He’s passionate about Cloud Computing, DevOps, Containers, Serverless and infrastructure-as-code (IaC), especially the Cloud Development Kit (CDK).

He also enjoys mentoring, learning and taking on hard challenges.

A copy Javy’s online resume can be found on this page.. You can also find his past experience via LinkedIn

5+ years of building on AWS

Javy helps companies build, design, deploy and monitor complex solutions on AWS. He’s also a contributor to OpenSource projects like AWS CDK and Chocolatey. Certifications? Javy has those as well.

10+ years of moving this into production (automagically)

Javy loves CI/CD, whether it’s GitHub Actions, CodePipeline, CodeBuild or Jenkins. As long as it’s automated and has tests Javy will be happy. Jest, Pester, eslint, tslint it doesn’t matter what the tool is, as long as it makes the build-badge go green.

Security is job zero

Security always comes first. Work Javy has done in the past and is proud of: performing pen-tests, discovered bugs in mobile banking apps. Co-authored a paper about DNS amplification attacks, created the first version of the RPKI dashboard for BGP operators and much more.