Build an amazing CV using LaTeX and Font Awesome

Don’t you just hate designing documents in word-processors? Well, so do I. As a geek, I’d rather spend my time in Atom or SublimeText. In this post I’ll show you how to Build an amazing CV using LaTeX and Font Awesome 5.

Whats wrong with WYSIWYG word processors?

If you are not a graphic designer like me you should probably spend your time focusing on content rather then on design. Hence, for documenting most developers have switched to using markdown. For a CV markdown will likely not be sufficient as it lacks the ability to create a uniquely styled document. While WYSIWYG editors like MS Word or Google Docs might work for some, I usually spent to much time on aligning and moving content when I’d like to focus on creating content.

MS Word Hell

Why LaTeX?

LaTeX aims at reducing the user’s task to the role of writing the content. LaTeX will take care of all the formatting. LaTeX is widely used by Academia and publishers to typeset books and mathematical journals. LaTeX brings consistent formatting, efficient collaborative writing and open formats.

And why Font Awesome?

Font Awesome brings a great set of free to use vector icons, social icons and brand logos aimed to style websites and apps. Great for IT engineers to “pimp” their CV with brand icons, for example, to highlight skills or certificates! You can find the complete list over at Here is an example from my own resume:

Build an amazing CV using LaTeX and Font Awesome

How to build an amazing CV using LaTeX and Font Awesome?

If you’ve never worked with LaTeX before I recommend you use start with an online editor like as this requires no additional apps to be installed. Start with a template like this which comes pre-packaged with Font Awesome.
LaTeX template

Build from scratch?

To build a document from scratch I’ve created a LaTeX template here that integrates Font Awesome 5. Make sure you set the compiler to XeLaTeX!

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