Introducing myself Javy de Koning.


My name is Javy de Koning. A 'techy' living and working in the IT world. On a technical level I love to work in fast-paced enterprise sized environments. Why? Because these are the environments where you can make a huge difference by leveraging automation. I design, implement, maintain, and support of large scale IT infrastructures. I'm a big fan of automation, specifically Powershell but also a few bit's of Bash, JS and Python.

In the daily work-life I focus on Automation, Powershell, PowerCLI, VMWare, Active Directory and everything Windows related. In the past I've done some pen-testing, discovered bugs in mobile banking apps. I've co-authored a paper about DNS amplification attacks, created a dashboard for BGP operators and much more. I'm also an active contributor to various IT-related sub-Reddit's and other IT forums.

Javy de Koning

Javy de Koning

If you would like to be in touch with me feel free to reach out via e-mail, LinkedIn, Twitter or the form below.